What is the main significance of Stress Testing ?

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Stress testing helps to activate the robustness, scalability and accordance of the arrangement beneath analysis errors. While some accent tests can represent situations that the arrangement can be accepted to acquaintance during their use, some affirmation from added types of accent may represent situations that are not acceptable to be encountered. These two types of tests can be advantageous if they advice in anecdotic errors. An absurdity that is displayed on a accent analysis adeptness be in a bearings of absolute use beneath overhead.

Stress testing helps to start -

1) The system's adeptness to cope with accent and change and acute affairs and abortive operating ambiance is
2) Maximum arrangement accommodation / banned
3) Bottlenecks in the arrangement or its environment
4) How the arrangement behaves in altitude of boundless amount or bereft assets to handle the balance amount

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