Top Software Testing Myths?

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Myth #1: Software can be tested completely
Many books on software testing start with a discussion of the impossibility of testing all the data or paths in non-trivial software, but I’m still surprised by people who ask how long it will take to finish testing, without considering that being “done” is a subjective tradeoff between the risk of bugs and the cost of delaying a software release.
Myth #2: Testers can find all the bugs
Related to the impossibility of testing everything, a tester won’t find all the bugs, and likely won’t even find all the important bugs.
Myth #3: It is the tester’s fault when an important bug is missed or found late
Related to #2, I so often see blame focused on the tester when an important bug escapes or is found late.  I’ve certainly felt it, and I’ve seen root cause analysis done that squarely identifies that the tester should have found the bug, with no consideration that the developer could have avoided the issue.

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