What is Test Management ?

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There is a website area you charge to use user ID and countersign into the login page on the site. How can you prove this page? A bulk of scenarios beam through his mind. I'll try to enumerate some of them:
Type "correct" user ID and "correct" countersign - the hit Login button
Type "wrong" user ID and "correct" countersign - hit affair
Type "correct" user ID and "incorrect" countersign - hit session
Validate for access restrictions in the acreage of user identification
Validate for access restrictions of the countersign acreage
So on and so forth.

Now we add some added attributes on the page:
A hotlink to add a new user, which takes you to a page area the user fills in assorted fields
One advantage gives the user to balance a absent or abandoned countersign
Once you login to the website, you will acquisition added features. Results - all will access the bulk of scenarios and accordingly affirmation to analysis them all. These are alone sub-requirements. They are in accession to the requirements and all requirements are in accession to a account - a artefact for accepted use by the ambition customers.
In the absolute world, software is alone a aggregation of assorted functions / appearance and to analysis them all, what's that abounding analysis cases - which can bulk to thousands!
Therefore, it is actual important to alpha a software testing accomplishment in a planned and able-bodied managed, will advice us accumulate clue of
what needs to be activated
what has been activated
what is activated
what defects accept been begin and these shortcomings accept been adapted
All these arbitrary trials and administration are the cornerstones of a analysis administration process. And actuality you charge a apparatus to do all this for you.
HP Quality Center is one of the analysis administration accoutrement accessible on the bazaar that is broadly acclimated by abundant units of the software industry.

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