Test suite

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In program development, a set of tests, less commonly known as a validation set is a collection of check cases that are intended to be used to check a program program to show that you have a specific set of behaviors. A series of tests often contains detailed instructions or goals for each collection of check cases and information about configuring the method to be used during the check. A group of check cases may contain the requirement states or steps, and descriptions of the after the tests.Collections of check cases sometimes incorrectly as a check plan, check script, or even a check scenario.

Sometimes series of tests is used to group similar check cases together. A technique can have a series of smoke tests is only on evidence of smoke or a set of tests for specific functions in the technique. It may also contain all the evidence & if a means check should be used as a smoke check or specific functionality.An executable check suite is a set of tests that can be executed by a program. This usually means a check device,that is integrated with the suite there. The check suite & check device can work together in a sufficiently level of detail for proper communication with the technique under check (SUT).A series of tests for primality check subroutine might contain a list of numbers & primality (main or compound), together with a subroutine of the check. The check subroutine that the supply of each number in the list to the
Primality tester, & verify that each check result is correct.

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