Open source solns have lesser software flaws (by CIOL)?

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The debate on the usage of open source technologies in security products is growing day-by-day. When most of the companies are using open source security products, a few companies are still evaluating to use open source applications to protect their IT products.

In an interaction with Abhigna NG of CIOL, Rahul Kopikar, Head - Business Development of Seclore, shared his view on the adoption of open source products by enterprises and the best practices what developers need to follow while developing open source applications. Excerpts:

CIOL: How safe is it to use open source applications with the increase in malware attacks?

Rahul Kopikar: It is pretty safe as long as the software has gone through stringent QC and testing. The notion that open source is prone to malware attacks is wrong. On the contrary, proprietary software are more prone to malware attacks because it goes to limited testing, whereas in open source software the whole worldwide community contributes and tests the system.

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