Web Testing with Automation anywhere?

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Businesses and applications today are increasingly moving to web based systems. Time tracking systems, CRM, HR and payroll systems, financial software, materials management, order tracking systems and report generation, everything is web based.

Automation Anywhere can automate all web based processes without any programming; from simple, online form-filling to more complicated tasks like data transfer, web data extraction, image recognition or process automation.

SMART Automation Technology of "Automation Anywhere" offers over 180+ powerful actions for web automation. Automation Anywhere works with any website, even complex websites using java, javascript, AJAX, Flash or iFrames. Agent-less remote deployment allows automated task to be run over various machines on the network. Our advanced Web Recorder ensures accurate re-runs taking into account website changes.

Automation Anywhere offers 2 easy options to automate web tasks: Use our powerful Web Recorder or use the editor with Point & Click wizards to automate tasks in minutes.

Web Recorder: Use the ‘Record’ button to simply record your actions. The ‘Web Recorder’ tool uses SMART Automation Technology to account for website changes or web control position changes to ensure that recorded tasks continue to run smoothly.

Watch demo video here: https://www.automationanywhere.com/lrn/keyFeat/webRecorder.htm?r=examples

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