System Thinking required for Developing Testing Workforce?

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By Pradeep C | CEO - Edista Testing Institute

QAI participated in the SofTec 2011 conducted at Nimhans Convention centre, Bangalore on 2nd July 2011, and presented on the need for a system thinking approach for developing Testing Workforce to meet the growing demand of skilled testers. 

QAI participated in SOFTEC 2011. The conference which facilitates  at promoting Software related Test Experiences by bringing together software test professionals, practitioners, experts, academicians, and service/product vendors to share techniques, methodologies, frameworks, experiences, and case studies to perform, manage, and automate Software Testing. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pradeep C, Founder & CEO emphasized the challenges of the existing state of practice on the workforce selection, and the need for innovative Workforce Strategies for Creating Successful Test Organization. He engaged a highly interactive session on 層orkforce strategies for creating successful test organizations. The leadership track session focused on questioning the existing paradigms for capability and capacity development, and highlighted how a change of perspective can provide an innovative answer for the current problems faced by Testing Heads. His presentation focused on the need for doing structured assessments to determine and focus on the areas of improvement at an Individual and an organizational level. Additionally, the assessments need to focus on identifying the role specific capabilities for an individual using adaptive, intelligent assessment methods. 

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