Testing Interview Questions at Sapient,Bangalore.

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1.What will happen if i select all the add-ins in QTP at a time?
Answer: Select only the add-ins that you need for the current Test. Selecting all available add-ins can cause Quickest Professional internal inconsistencies which may lead to test failures.

2. What are the default and optional add-ins available in QTP?
Default: ActiveX, Visual Basic and Web
Optional: The optional add-ins include Java, .NET, oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Terminal Emulator, Visual Age Smalltalk and Web Services.

3. Differences between Global and Action sheets in Data table?
Answer: Simple difference here b/w these two is:
Global Sheet: Can be accessible for all the Actions in the entire Test.
Action Sheet: Will be accessible only for that action. Other actions can’t use data in this action sheet.
4. What is Active Screen?
5. Why we need Automation testing?
6. Diff b/w QTP & Win Runner?
7. In how many ways you can insert check points.
Answer: We can insert check points in 4 ways: Through Insert menu,Right click in Keyword View,Right click in Expert view,Right click in Active screen.
8. General Elements/Options in a bug Report?
9. What test plan should contain?
10. Diff b/w Test Plan and Test Strategy?

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