Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers at Unithink India

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Company: Unithink India
Position: Senior Software Test Engineer
Interview Location: Falcons IT Solutions
Interview Questions at Unithink India:
1. Tell me something about you past experience?
2. Difference between core Product testing and end product testing?
Ans: Try to explain Difference between white box and black box testing.
3. What is Integration testing and tell me the process to follow?
Ans: Explain about integration testing and the 4 methods in that like Top down, Bottom up, Hybrid, Sanitation
4. White box testing techniques?
Ans: Basic path coverage, Control Structure coverage, Program Technique coverage, Mutation coverage.
5. You have given an Application and asked to test in one day. What would be your approach?
Ans: First categorize what is the primary functionality of the application and what are secondary. Depending on your time try to complete all the primary features first. But the interviewer told there is some method called 80-20, which will give you the 20% primary and 80% secondary.

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