Webinar: The State of Code Review

What percentage of Agile shops do code review? What do game developers and aerospace engineers have in common (besides obvious concern for target accuracy)? Does code review really impact quality? 

The results of our groundbreaking study reveal the answers to these questions and more. Over 650 of your peers participated and we're dying to share the data with you. Join code review experts Betty Zakheim and Lorinda Brandon for an information-packed webinar on April 17th at 1 PM EST to learn the results and see how your organization stacks up against industry benchmarks.

This webinar will cover:

  1. Data-supported "Aha!" facts about the state of code review in software
  2. How code review impacts the agile development process
  3. Which industries tend to be the most and least satisfied with their code quality

BONUS: All attendees will receive a copy of the full State of Code Review official report.