Making Risk-Based Testing a Success - Webinar

Broadcast Date and Time: April 24, 2012, 2 p.m. EDT

The primary role of risk-based testing is to optimize available resources and time without affecting the quality of your product. Risk-based testing helps address the rise in business and technological complexity and the growing size of applications by prioritizing test cases based on the defined criticality of a function, encouraging impact assessment of an application functionality failure and increasing testing effectiveness. Despite these benefits, risk-based testing is still used or deployed in a limited manner across organizations. 

In this web seminar, speakers Russ Queen and Vasudeva Naidu discuss the two most common reasons that limit the adoption of risk-based testing: the lack of well-defined methodology to measure the success of risk-based testing and lack of stakeholder involvement in planning risk-based testing. Russ will also talk about Nordstrom's quest into the risk-based testing (RBT) space, the successes that they have achieved, the challenges they've faced, and the future state that they would like to attain as part of their RBT strategy. 

Vasudeva Naidu will present Infosys' RBT framework that will help you extract maximum value from your RBT program. Infosys' framework is comprised of four crucial elements:
  • The ideal approach
  • Use of right tools
  • Right metrics for measurement and
  • Creating an effective assessment model for your RBT framework
This framework is geared toward helping you improve quality, time to market, and reduce testing costs. Register and attend this event if you want to increase your business value by implementing an effective risk-based testing strategy.

Agile Testing Webinar

There is hardly a development team around that is not either using agile or thinking of implementing some agile practices.

If you are interested to hear experienced people explain the QA and testing issues they encountered and the measures they took to solve them please join our Agile Testing webinar at 26 April 11 AM EST:

Keywords: Agile Testing, Distributed Agile Testing, Testing Tools

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Improving the Testing Process - Free Webinar by Rex Black

In 2003, Rex's book, Critical Testing Processes, came out.  In it, Rex introduced a test process framework based on criticality, and focused on business value.  With the 2012 publication of Rex's new e-book, Improving the Testing Process, Rex provides a clear set of guidelines on how to use the Critical Testing Processes framework to assess and improve your testing processes.  It includes questions to ask and metrics to evaluate.  In this webinar, Rex will explain the evaluation guidelines and how to apply them to your organization.  You'll come away ready to get started on bottom-line focused, data-driven improvements to your testing processes.
To support our international clientele, we will present this webinar at two times:
For the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East: 1:00 PM Central US Time (May 22) and 8:00 PM Central Europe Time (May 22).  To register, click here:
For the Americas, Australasia, and Asia: 8:30 PM Central US Time (May 22), 9:30 AM Beijing Time (May 23), 10:30 AM Seoul/Tokyo Time (May 23), and 11:30 AM Sydney Time (May 23). To register, click here:
Each live webinar session consists of one hour of presentation and a 30 minute post-webinar question-and-answer opportunity.  These webinars are free.  Webinar attendance registers you to win a free e-learning course from RBCS.  Congratulations to Atul Patil, the winner in April!