Agile Testing with Telerik Test Studio

Riding the agile testing wave with Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio has Agile Testing capabilities as well. Following the agile testing or not, testers nowadays have to adapt to rapid deployment cycles and disruptive changes in testing patterns. When on the lookout for an automated agile testing tool, testers need to consider the below features that will help him/her be more productive:
• The solution needs to serve multiple roles (QAs AND Developers) in order to facilitate communication among
team members
• It  should integrate within source control environment
• The agile testing tool needs to offer effortless test case maintenance
• It should support a test-first approach
• The solution has to allow writing test automation code using real languages, with real IDEs

This tool helps even further speed up team productivity and accelerates agile testing processes by introducing 
the below functionality:

• Rich Highlighting Surface
• DOM Explorer for HTML & Silverlight (Visual Tree)
• Element Menu for rich on-the-spot recordings
• Automatic Synchronization Steps
• Command line execution support
• Build Server Integration (CruiseControl, TeamBuildServer, TeamCity)
• Results Management using a results calendar
• Test List Management that supports ordering

Improving the Test Process | Free Webinar by Rex Black | Arranged by STP

In 2003, Rex's book, Critical Testing Processes, came out. In it, Rex introduced a test process framework based on criticality, and focused on business value.  With the 2012 publication of Rex's new e-book, Improving the Testing Process, Rex provides a clear set of guidelines on how to use the Critical Testing Processes framework to assess and improve your testing processes.  It includes questions to ask and metrics to evaluate.  
In this webinar, Rex will explain the evaluation guidelines and how to apply them to your organization.  You'll come away ready to get started on bottom-line focused, data-driven improvements to your testing processes.

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Automated Functional Testing with Test Studio

Test Studio is a Automation Testing tool by Telerik. This tool supports the following:
  • Functional Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing.

In this post we will give you a brief introduction to Functional Testing with Test Studio.

Many automated testing tools claim to be easy to use. This one really is. The intuitive UI emulates the familiar look and feel of handheld consumer devices. Tasks can be quickly and easily completed with the product's point-and-click interface. Additionally, Testcase maintenance is brought to a new level thanks to a number of built-in features – reuse of elements, browser abstraction, on-the-spot validation, and built-in DOM explorer.

Test Studio Builds automated tests for your apps regardless of their underlying technology, complexity or interactivity. Test Studio Telerik are the first to support all the latest technologies - HTML5, AJAX, Silverlight and WPF! Test Studio is the one stop shop for testing JavaScript calls, Telerik controls, dynamic page synchronization, client-side behaviors, complex UI virtualizations and XAML animations.

Simplified manual test creation, execution and management

Forget about spreadsheets! Put all your automated and manual tests in one place. Test Studio's Manual Test Type makes manual test creation and execution more organized, productive and faster than before. Speed up the execution time of your manual tests by automating time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Robust test recording and playback

Test Studio introduces a next-gen approach to test recording with its built-in recording surface. Not only are you able to create your tests with point-and-clicks, you can easily add conditional logic without writing a single line of code, or extract a value from a page element to be used later in the test.

Record once, run against all major browsers

Test Studio is a functional testing tool that offers an easy and quick way to test your web application in all the major browsers. No need to tweak and duplicate your tests for different browsers any more – have a test recorded once and execute against: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Visual Studio plug-in for coding pros

Test Studio also ships with a developer-focused solution that gives you maximum control over your code and tests. It's where you need it most - tightly integrated in Visual Studio. The powerful built-in test recorder can convert your tests to .NET code which can be further customized or extended in Visual Studio if needed.

Test scheduling, execution and reporting

Leverage multiple machines to execute test runs in parallel saving vast amounts of execution time. Test Studio allows you to schedule and execute tests across the entire testing environment. Automatically collect results into a centralized repository and then analyze them on your local machine! Get email notifications upon run completion.

Much more efficient regression testing

Test maintenance is smoother with Test Studio. We don't use absolute coordinates which guarantees your tests will not break if the application layout changes. Better yet, all elements are stored in the "Elements repository". If there are multiple tests that use the same element, it will be referenced from the "Elements Explorer" instead of being duplicated in the test.

Exploratory Testing

Test Studio Explore is an in-browser extension that helps you report bugs directly from your application. Attach screenshots, ideas, and annotations, while browsing. Share your feedback via email, or export it to Word and PDF. All this with a simple click of a button – no additional installations are needed.