Agile Testing with Telerik Test Studio

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Riding the agile testing wave with Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio has Agile Testing capabilities as well. Following the agile testing or not, testers nowadays have to adapt to rapid deployment cycles and disruptive changes in testing patterns. When on the lookout for an automated agile testing tool, testers need to consider the below features that will help him/her be more productive:
• The solution needs to serve multiple roles (QAs AND Developers) in order to facilitate communication among
team members
• It  should integrate within source control environment
• The agile testing tool needs to offer effortless test case maintenance
• It should support a test-first approach
• The solution has to allow writing test automation code using real languages, with real IDEs

This tool helps even further speed up team productivity and accelerates agile testing processes by introducing 
the below functionality:

• Rich Highlighting Surface
• DOM Explorer for HTML & Silverlight (Visual Tree)
• Element Menu for rich on-the-spot recordings
• Automatic Synchronization Steps
• Command line execution support
• Build Server Integration (CruiseControl, TeamBuildServer, TeamCity)
• Results Management using a results calendar
• Test List Management that supports ordering

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