Is it possible to make a 100% error free product?

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100% error-free analysis is not absolutely possible. If we say that 100% testing is complete, again will be the end of any software. So why are we still accepting a lot of projects. Because the activity did not advance error-free. We can not advance a activity chargeless of errors.
Take an example: Why do win Runner, Oracle has so abounding versions? Yahoo Messenger, Rediffbol has versions? abounding examples are there.
I'll accord an archetype in absolute time. HSBC is the chump to the XXXXXXX. Every day there are problems on the applicant side. Daily Engg.s developers and analyze and absolute analysis failures in absolute use is aswell alleged the abutment or maintenance. Finally what I beggarly is, no activity is 100% absurdity free. We do 100% testing, but we can not ensure that we accept developed a activity 100% chargeless from errors or product.
We can say that the affirmation is complete if affair the asleep curve if the activity account is more, if all High and Medium errors are fixed.

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