Best Practices in Context Driven testing

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By - Debasis - The Bug Hunter

What a context-driven tester like me might do when allotted to a testing assignment?1. A context-driven tester might start by asking a bunch of context-based/context-related questions in an attempt to know the context better and deduce information about the mission, aims and objectives of the testing assignment! As it is said, proper questioning has the capability of solving half of the problem; and a context-driven tester knows this fact clearly from his experience and practice!

2. Once somebody said - The only thing that does not change in this world is “the word change” itself! This applies to software development too. Projects keep changing shapes as the development phase continues. A smart context-driven tester knows and understands that it is wise to be flexible and change the testing strategy as the context changes during a development phase. He can change mind and change the way he thinks once he realizes that the context has changed and is not the same as it was before!

3. A context-driven tester understands that the testing practices/approaches/procedures that had worked in his earlier testing project might or might not work in the current assignment simply because the context of both these projects might not be the same! A context-driven tester clearly knows that what looked like the “best practice” (so called!) in the earlier project might suddenly loose its value and become a “bad practice” once the context is different!

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