Biggest Risk in software testing - The risk of ignoring the risks

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Typical risks in Software Testing Cycle-
  • Incomplete evaluation of labor on the project
  • Partly estimated labor costs for testing
  • Test plan is not tied to the project plan
  • The testing strategy is absent or failing the development team or customer
and the Biggest one -
  • The risk of ignoring the risks - One of the risks, which applies to all levels of risk management.
Refusing to take into account the fact that there are risks that the process (even the most well-established, verified, formalized and controlled) can lead to inefficiencies, usually leads to overly optimistic plans to conflicts with their non-compliance, the need to reschedule a "fire mode" ( that usually leads to miscalculations, and more violates the normal rhythm of work) and as a result of failures.

What to do: to start working with the risks (however hackneyed and trite not sounded this conclusion, but there is no other recommendation). In testing the specific risks a bit. Most of the risks the project level, may be solved by joint efforts of the testing, development and project management.

Now, hopefully, it will be easier..

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