Effective Test status reports

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By - Anuj Magazine
Here i am sharing some tips based on my experience on how the status reports can be made more effective.

Identify the audience of status report: 
Knowing the audience who will read the report is an important exercise. More often, i have seen that the Test status reports are sent to distribution lists containing large number of people without a thought to who the recipients are. Having knowledge does not mean to know the people personally, which may not always be possible if you are working in an organization distributed world wide but it means to understand their role in the project. This always helps to anticipate the expectations people have from the status report.
It is always preferable to list the role of people receiving the status report which may be as diverse as the following-
- Product Manager
- Project Manager
- Development Manager
- Development Director
- Test Team
- Development team
- Vice President etc.

If the status reports are sent without knowing who is receiving it, then it often leads to majority of recipients ignoring the report upon receiving it and you take the blame of unnecessarily spamming their inboxes.

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