Who is responsible when testing team missed the bugs?

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A common problem in Software Testing - Who is responsible when testing team missed the bugs in early stages and find major bugs near the release date?

Answer by Andreea Dolete: I actually think that such an approach would be a big mistake, at least at that specific moment. Your main concern should be how to correct this with minimum negative impact on all levels.
In general , after a release, there are the so called Lesson learned session. That is the perfect space where you can raise the topic on how to PREVENT such situations and identify posible gaps in project's processes.

RESPONSABILITY lies with a lot of different actors in your project, as they all contribute with pieces. Communication, updated processes & proper engagement of all contributing parties within the project is the mix you need.

To give some hints to your question, if such situation occurs then it's most likely due to:
1. current process gap - development is never released to testing without a proper hand over session highlighting the fulfilled business requirements
2. solution concept documentation not clear enough OR not structured enough (usecase, realization concept, technical design).
3. developers do not just code on their own. They align to process/approach/strategy both on their team level as well as on project level. SO if they miss features then it's a clear internal team management issue as well.
4. communication issues

Reference: http://goo.gl/H7WZ9

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