Webinar - Quality Engineering: The Shift from Performance to Quality-based Measurement

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Market dynamics and intense competition constantly demand businesses do more for less. In such an economy, there is increasing need to achieve faster time-to-market with improved quality at a lower total cost of ownership. Implicit in all of this is the drive to seek more innovative and collaborative ways of working to deliver business assurance to the end-users, besides merely providing verification and validation services.

Quality Engineering (QE) is a key operating paradigm in the overall quality ecosystem with a structured and accountable end-to-end quality governance. QE can help businesses address these challenges more effectively. The shift-left strategy to influence quality upstream captured in QE catalyzes the extra mile mindset to build it right the first time rather than testing it later.

Join Prabakaran Karuppiah and Anutthara Bharadwaj in this web seminar as they share key insights to deliver the transformational impact from requirement validation to experience validation, optimize techniques for a lean delivery, and enable continuous automated integration with a zero-deviation lifecycle.

You'll also learn:
  • Key business drivers for shifting left from Quality Assurance to QE
  • Which tools and accelerators enable QE for a diverse set of applications
  • The transformational aspects that drive predictability for testing services

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