Webinar | Agile Testing in the Real World

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Lots of organizations are adopting Agile. Some of these organizations are finding practical ways to integrate testing into Agile lifecycles. In this presentation, Rex will address challenges and opportunities associated with Agile, different ways of adapting Agile lifecycles and the testing within those lifecycles, and how Agile differs from traditional lifecycles. We'll examine tools and metrics for Agile projects. We'll address whether Agile can be used for outsourced projects. We'll look at different options for organizing test teams on Agile projects, and why only some of these options can work. Rex will offer his thoughts on Agile and quality, and what skills and personalities work best in Agile projects. In this free webinar, Rex will discuss these points and more, giving you a better shot at Agile testing success.

PMI Earn 1.5 PDUs for attendance of this webinar.

Each live webinar session consists of a one hour presentation and a 30 minute post-webinar question-and-answer opportunity.  These webinars are free.  Webinar attendance registers you to win a free e-learning course from RBCS.  Congratulations to Paul Schwartz from HP, the winner in January!
To support our international clientele, RBCS will present this webinar at two times:
For the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East: 1:00 PM Central US Time (February 26) and 8:00 PM Central Europe Time (February 26). To register, click here:

For the Americas, Australasia, and Asia: 8:30 PM Central US Time (February 26), 10:30 AM Beijing Time (February 27), 11:30 AM Seoul/Tokyo Time (February 27), and 1:30 PM Sydney Time (February 27). To register, click here:


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