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After adding a checkpoint, QuickTest adds a checkpoint in the current row in the view of keywords and adds a checkpoint Time statement at the hearing of experts.A checkpoint lets you identify if the Web-site or application under check is working correctly or not by comparing a current value of a particular property with the expected value for that property.

* Standard Checkpoint.
Checkpoints of the picture *.
* Checkpoint bitmap.
* Checkpoints table.
* Access control point.
* Text Checkpoint.
* Page Checkpoint.
* Control Point database.
* XML checkpoints.

By default, the control point name is called the check object in which the checkpoint is being performed. They can change the name of the checkpoint if necessary.

Types of checkpoints:

The standard allows checkpoints to verify the property values on the Web-site or application under check. The standard checkpoints to evaluate (compare) the expected values of object properties captured during the recording to the current values of the object during a period of execution. For example, they see that a radio button is activated after being chosen. Standard checkpoints are supported all add-in settings.

The standard checkpoints can be used for controls of Tables,Images,Other objects in your application or web-site.Web page properties, and

The standard checkpoints can be created for all supported testing environments (as long as the appropriate plug-in (s) are loaded).

The picture checkpoints let you check the properties of an picture in the application or Web page. For example, you can verify that the picture source file chosen is correct or not. A checkpoint picture can also be created by inserting a standard checkpoint on an picture object. Checkpoints of the picture are Web-enabled add-in environment By adding checkpoints under the microscope table, they can check the contents of the tables shown in the application. For example, they verify that a particular value is displayed in a given cell. Some environments also support checking of object properties table. For example, a check that a table has the expected number of rows and columns. A checkpoint table can also be created by inserting a standard checkpoint on a table object.
With Bitmap Checkpoint can check an area of a Web page or application as a bitmap. While generating a check, they must specify the area to control by selecting an object. An entire object or any area within an object can be checked. Checkpoints are bitmap compatible with all the add-in settings
The checkpoints are supported for Web Accessibility complement in the vicinity of Accessibility Checkpoint recognizes areas of your Web-site does not conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. For example, check whether the images on a Web page include ALT properties, necessary by the Accessibility Guidelines for the Content of the W3C.Checkpoint control page features a Web page. For example, you can check the time a web page takes to load or if a Web page contains broken links. A page checkpoint can also be created by inserting a standard checkpoint on the page object. Page checkpoints are supported for the Web add-in environment QuickTest can check that a string is displayed in the appropriate place in an application or a Web page with text Checkpoint. The text checkpoints are compatible with the Web add-in environment, and some Web-based add-in environments The contents of a database to access your application may be verified by the Checkpoint database. The checkpoint database is compatible with all the add-in settings. By adding XML checkpoints to your check, you can check the contents of individual XML information files or documents that are part of the Web application
. Checkpoint XML option is compatible with all the add-in settings.

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