QTP Testing Process

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Check - A collection of measures organized in to seven or more actions, they can use to verify that our application works as expected. The check consists of shares (3 types of actions are non-reusable action in QTP, the Reusable action and external action).QTP (Rapid Test Professional) lets you generate tests and business components through the registration of operations carried out in its application.

Step 1) is planning to start building before a check, you must plan and prepare the necessary infrastructure. For example, determining the functionality you need to check, quizzes that check the specific functions of the application or complete site.Decide how they organize their object repositories.
Step 2) in the savings plan is the creation of tests or components
a) Any of a recording session with your application or Web-site.They can generate a check or component byOr b) Build an object repository and use these objects to add steps by hand in the keyword view and expert view. You can then change your check or component with special testing options and / or with programming statements.As you navigate through the application or site, QuickTest graphically displays each step you perform as a row in the view of keywords. The Documentation column See also keyword displays a description of each step easy to understand sentences. A step is something that causes or makes a change on your site or application, such as clicking a link or picture, or send a information form.
Step 4),

3) The third step is to insert control points in the check or component. A checkpoint is a verification point that compares a recent value for a specified property with the expected value of that property. This lets you identify if the web-site or application works properly.To check how the application performs the same operations with different information you can parameterize your check or component.Expanding the scope of the check or component by replacing fixed values with the parameters.When parameterizing the check or component, QuickTest substitutes the values set in the check or component with parametersEach period of implementation that uses a different set of information with parameters is called iteration.They can use lots of features of QuickTest functional tests to improve your check or component and / or add programming statements to accomplish the objectives of more complex tests.They may also use the output values to extract information from our check or component. An output value is a value retrieved during the implementation period and entered in to the Information Table or saved as a variable or parameter. They can subsequently use this output value as input in the check or component.After generating the check or component runs.

Step 5) is jogging the check
Run check or component to verify the site or application.When you run the check or component, QuickTest connects to your Web-site or application and performs each operation in a check or component, checking any text strings, objects, or specified tables. If the check parameters with the parameters of the information table, QuickTest repeats the check (or specific actions in the check) for each set of information values that have defined.Run the check or component to debug.They can control the implementation period to identify and eliminate defects in the check or component. They can use the

Step by step,

Step In to,

6) Sixth step is to analyze the results
And Outcommands step in a check or component step. They can also set breakpoints to stop the check or component at pre-determined points. They can see the value of the check variables or component whenever you stop at a breakpoint in the Debug Viewer.After check run or a component, they can see the results.

? See the results in the Output window.After jogging the check or component, they can see the results of the execution in the Check Results window. They can see a summary of the results as well as a detailed document.? Document of the defects identified during an execution session.If you install Quality Center, they can document defects fan database. They can instruct QuickTest to automatically document each step is not in the check or component, or you can by hand document from the window of the check results.

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