Introduction to Software testing

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1. What is software testing?
2. Testing life cycle
3. Testing techniques
4. Types of testing

Black box Vs White box testing
1. Black box testing
2. White box testing
3. Black box Vs White box

Other testing types
1.GUI testing
2.Regression testing
3.Acceptance testing
4.Configuration testing and Installation testing
5.Alpha testing and Beta testing

  Levels of testing
1.Unit testing
2. Integration testing
3. System testing

In this module they will see what you are testing the application, its technique and life cycle, types of examinations and testing techniques.

After completing this module, you will know what is program testing, evolution, life cycle & technical tests.

Testing – What Is it ?
A method of demonstrating that errors are not present?
The way to establish confidence that a program does what it is supposed to do?
Means of achieving a program error free, finding all bugs?

What is software testing?
The test is a measure of program quality.

The method of implementation of program in order to select whether the results it produces are correct,
"The method of implementing a program with the intent of finding errors,
A "destructive", however, the creative method.

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