VBScript in QTP

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Scripting language for Speedy Check Professional (QTP) is VBScript.VBScript (short for Visual Basic Scripting Edition) is a scripting language interpreted living through Microsoft Windows Script Host.VBScript has lots of powerful functions & provides excellent support for variables, information types & error handling.Three engines VBScript-Vbscript.dll can interpret, it is invoked by asp.dll is used in the net environment & Wscript.exe & Cscript.exe in Windows graphical environment using Windows Script Host (WSH, usually using WSH VBScript to automate systems management tasks. WSH is the process module that converts a VBScript file in a Windows executable file). Wscript.exe is used to display output & get information in the Windows graphical format, such as dialog & input boxes. Cscript. exe is used in a command line environment. When VBScript source code is contained in separate files with the extension. Vbs

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