Test Case Checklist

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Quality Attributes
• Accurate: evidence of what the description says it will test.
• Economical: only the steps necessary for its purpose.
• Repeatable, standing, yes: the same results regardless of the evidence.
• Appropriate: both immediate and future testers.
• Traceability: a requirement.
• Self-cleaning: returns the test environment to clean state.
Structure and testability
• Has a name and number
• Has a stated purpose that includes what requirement is being tested
• Has a description of the test method
• Specifies the configuration information - environment, data, prerequisite tests, security access
• Have actions and expected results
• States where the evidence, such as reports or screen shots, must be saved
• Leave the test environment clean
• Uses active case language
• Does not exceed 15 steps
• The matrix has no more than 20 minutes to test
• automated script is commented with purpose, inputs, expected results
• Setting up alternative offers the prerequisite tests, if possible,
• Is correct business scenario order with other tests
Configuration Management
• Use the naming conventions and numbering
• Saved in specified formats, file types
• Do version ed to match software under test
• Includes test objects needed for the case, such as databases
• stored as read
• Stored with controlled access
• Backups stored on a network that works
• Archived off-site

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