Project Management Phases

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The different phases are

Requirement Specification:
Requirement Specification is the first and most important phase of the SDLC. During this phase our Project Manager is in constant contact with the Customer to find out requirements of the project in detail.Project Manager and Technique Analyst after reviewing the Customers requirements analyez the requirement and start designing of the project. Technique Architecture, Database Design, Program Specifications and Check Scenarios are determined. A Detail Design Document is prepared at the finish of analysis that can be used by the programmers to perform the coding.Main tasks in this phase include Requirement Determination, Risk Analysis, Setting up Schedules, and deciding Deliverables. Communication with the Customer is carried out using any of the following means of communication, such as Instant Messenger, Email, Phone, Voice Chat or personal meeting. A Technique Requirement Specification Document is prepared at the finish of this phase.
Requirement Analysis and Design:

Coding and Testing:
Programmers start programming in this phase using the Detail Design Document. As project progress programmer's progresses is monitored by Project Manager and Project Leader respectively. Project Manager is in constant contact with the customer and provides updates on the progress of the project using MS Project. The programmers follow coding Standards decided by the company. Project Leader helps the programmers with their coding problems and guides them to the solutions. Testing is done by the QA Team simultaneously for the completed modules and approval is given to the modules three times they have passed their initial tests before integration.

Deployment and Support:
This phase starts with Deployment of the Project. Initial hardware and program setup necessary to run the project is a critical phase of the project. After project is done Project Manager contacts the customer and prepares for the set up. Program is handed over to the customer for acceptance testing only after complete internal testing. Support to the project is provided for a limited number of days during which any minor customer changes are completed.

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