Career in Application Testing

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1. They got to see the clients even before the client sees the project / product.
2. They can objectively measure the results of our efforts & impact.
3. They must see the complete project in the action before somebody else.
4. They understand that the right product to fund the requirements of the product all the way up design.
5. They can become the master in debugging.
6. They are the second to see the innovation after the development.
7. They fill the gap between product management, development, support, program management & consulting.
8. They guarantee interoperability, compatibility & functionality.
9. They are the last to stamp our seal of approval & clear the product for shipment.
10. Our options are open when it comes to our careers - that can move like a developer, product manager, support engineer or service engineer.
Most important is the commitment of management ". In smaller companies, management usually dictates the terms of a statement & sometimes pushing a product with some bugs that can cause problems. It is important to get in to the quality is more important than timely deliverable. Not that they carryover out the projects of the increasing evidence later. It is that time should be taken in to account in project planning & testing should not be rushed if the development exceeded its delivery.

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