What is the difference between static & dynamic testing?

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Static test
Static testing is a system of White Box testing, where developers to verify or check your code with the help of the list to find fault with him, this type of testing is completed without executing the applications that are currently developed. Code reviews, inspections, tours are mostly completed at this stage of the check.
Dynamic test
Dynamic Testing is completed by walking the real application with valid entries to verify the expected results. Examples of methodologies for dynamic testing are unit testing, integration testing, system testing & acceptance testing.
Some differences between static & dynamic testing are
· Static check is more profitable than the dynamics of the static check because tests are made at the initial stage.
• In terms of the declaration of coverage, the static check covers areas most dynamic tests in less time.
· Static Testing is completed before the implementation of code in the dynamic check is performed after the implementation of code.
· Static Testing is completed in the verification phase in the dynamic check is performed on the validation phase.

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