Silk Check Automation Testing Tool-Introduction (I)

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Borland Silk test is a leading tool for functional & regression platforms, & testing location. You can check the application on the basis of vast array of technologies such as Java,. Net, Web, Active X, Adobe Flex, the framework for powerful client-server check, etc Silk check allows the reuse of check scripts through high test projects, construction & maintenance of regression check suites & therefore helps to expand the check coverage & optimize application quality.

Features Silk test


A single automated functional testing tool for testing a wide range of business technologies & environments without expensive connectors, adapters & accessories
• A wizard-driven workflow toolbar allows novice users to create useful tests quickly
• Robust, resistance tests are supported by a flexible, object-oriented fourth-generation scripting language called 4Test is designed specifically for automated testing
• Silk Check also offers management functionality check cases, check planning, information base function, the date & time functions, etc. for more efficient automation.
• Silk Check offers plenty of features such as basic workflow for the registration tests, workflow for linkage of a single check case to check the values of the information stored in external tables & code completion in SilkTest IDE.
• Unicode support allows localization tests of global applications across multiple platforms with a single script
• A built-in, the failure to tailor the performance of the method recovery systems to pre-failure state & resumes testing, unlike other tools that leave systems unstable with unexecuted tests
• TrueLog based visual reports simplify the diagnosis of the problem when they find defects
• Integration with Borland's check management tool application offers improved management capabilities that support a method mature & complete functional & regression testing
• Integrated support for testing Adobe Flex applications using Net Explorer, Firefox, a standalone player Flex & Adobe AIR
• Animation playback mode of execution to provide slow motion check script

Silk check consists of two distinct components walking on different
• The House of Silk Application Testing
• The application check agent Silk

The Host SilkTest

SilkTest Agent

The host application is a SilkTest component that is used to design, edit, compile, execute & debug check scripts & testplans. The machine that runs this component is often called the host machine.

Agent SilkTest SilkTest is the component that interacts with the graphical user interface application. The Agent translates commands in scripting commands 4Test specific graphical user interface, driving & monitoring the application you are testing. The agent can run locally on the same machine on which the host is walking or in a networked environment, any number of agents can be run on remote machines. In a networked environment, the machine walking the agent is often called the remote machine.

SilkTest What Works & records user actions

Before you start generating & executing check scripts, generating a repository of information on its implementation to be used for testing the Silk Road. This repository contains descriptions of objects in graphical user interface that make your application.Based on the properties & check methods associated with these objects Silk, Silk check can recognize the actions performed on them & recording of intelligence activities in your check script using the language 4Test.

An application consists of the graphical user interface (GUI) objects such as windows, menus & buttons that the user manipulates using a keyboard & mouse to initiate application operations. Silk Check interprets these objects & recognize them based on class, the properties & methods that identify them. During the tests, trials Silk interacts with the objective of presenting the operations of the application automatically, simulating the action of a user, & then checks the results of each operation. The simulated user, Silk Check, is said to be driving the application.

Check automation usually develops in SilkTest host using record / playback scripts or by hand by 4Test. Normally, check cases are developed for SilkTest in the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provides the server application SilkTest. Automated check suite is implemented by the agents of SilkTest. SilkTest even supports parallel execution of check cases with the help of these agents. SilkTest host can communicate with these agents that reside on multiple machines & automated check cases run on multiple machines simultaneously. Example, if you need to check the application on Windows 2000, Windows XP & Windows 2000 SP 2, you can make the SilkTest agent installed on these machines & run automated check suite in parallel on all machines at four time. Property thus saving precious time for the execution of the testers.

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