What are the basic solutions to the problems of application development?

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· Basic requirements - clear, detailed, complete, achievable, verifiable requirements must be developed. Use prototypes to help clarify the requirements. In agile environments, continuous close coordination with customers / finish users is necessary.
· Schedules should be realistic - time to plan, design, check, correct errors, try again, alter, & the document in the timetable.
· Sufficient evidence - the trials should start early, be re-tested after the bug fixed or changed, sufficient time must pass tests & fixing bugs.
· Adequate studies on the initial requirements - be prepared to look further changes after the development has commenced & be prepared to report any changes made to others. Work closely with customers & finish users to manage expectations. This prevents excessive changes in later stages.
· Communication - carrying out frequent inspections & tutorials in the appropriate period of time, ensure that the information & documentation is available in up to date address if possible. More emphasis on promoting teamwork & cooperation within the team; prototypes & use appropriate communication with finish users to clarify their doubts & expectations.

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