Coverage Analysis View in Requirements Module

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The graphical display lets you analyze the requirements as proof of prior coverage & the associated view check - grouped according to the state check.

Hierarchical Check Sets:Hierarchical check kits provide the ability to organize their implementation method by grouping check of check equipment in to folders.

Workflow for all modules Test Director:The addition of the script editor for all modules allows organizations to customize TestDirector to follow & apply a methodology & best practices.

Enhanced Personalization:With a greater number of user fields obtainable, the ability to add Memo fields & generate input masks users can customize their TestDirector projects to capture all information necessary by your testing method. New option to add rich color & edit the format all notes fields.

TestDirector Features & Benefits

Supports the method of testing all:TestDirector includes all aspects of testing requirements management method, planning, scheduling, check execution, issue management & project status analysis in a single browser-based application.

Take advantage of innovative Web technology:Evaluators, developers & business analysts can participate & contribute in the testing method work seamlessly across geographic & organizational boundaries.

The industry uses standard repositories:TestDirector easily integrates with industry standard databases such as SQL, Oracle, Access & Sybase.

The link check designs to requirements:Test Director is connected directly to the requirements of check cases, ensuring that functional requirements have been covered by the check plan.

It integrates with Microsoft Office:TestDirector can import requirements & check designs of Microsoft Office, it protects your investment & accelerate their testing method.

Manages manual & automated testing:TestDirector stores & runs both manual & automated tests, & may help revive a user automation project by converting manual tests to automated check scripts.
Accelerate testing cycles

Manager of Test Lab Test Director: speeds check execution cycles by scheduling & jogging tests automatically, unattended, even overnight. The results are reported in the TestDirector central repository, generating an accurate audit trail for analysis.

Supports the check runs across borders:TestDirector documented COM API allows for integration with both internal tools (eg WinRunner & LoadRunner) & life cycle of third-party applications.

TestDirector allows testers to run tests on their local computers & then document the results to the repository that resides on a remote server.It integrates with internal tools & third parties

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