The Benefits of Software Testing Tools ?

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In this post we look at some of the benefits of implementing the right software testing tools. In particular we’re going to take test automation tools as an example and list reasons why it’s worthwhile investing in automation. We’ll also look at the reasons why many companies shy away from implementing test automation. Many test teams look at test automation tools and then back off once the reality of what is involved becomes clear. With the right approach though the implementation of an automation process need not be as daunting as it may first appear.

If you’ve looked at automation solutions and then decided not to proceed, it’s probable that you hit one of these issues:

1. During the trials of your selected products you realised that the learning curve for becoming productive with a tool is far higher than expected. As a result just for the trial you find yourselves investing significant amounts of time trying to get just a basic automated test working.

2. After starting your trial, your team were overtaken by day to day events and never had the time to invest in a comprehensive software testing tool evaluation. As a result you keep promising yourself that you’ll pick up the trial again in one or two months time.

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