Overview of Load Testing Tools?

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This document has been designed in order to have an overview of existing software and
applications that deal with load testing in all aspects. It has been written in the perspective of
creating a new application in this domain, either from scratch or from existing parts. The role
of this document is to highlight what it is possible to do, how are designed the applications,
which are the parts we may benefit from, and which are the parts we may drop.

After a global search of existing software (but not exhaustive because of the necessary tradeoff
between the huge number of platforms and the available time for this preliminary study),
we restricted this list to some products that appear interesting to us. We selected both open
source and commercial software, since we can take good ideas from commercial software,
and reuse parts of code from open source applications.

This document analyses these interesting applications. It identifies the specificity of each
application, what are the possibilities and finally points advantages and drawbacks.


Open STA is an open source software developed in C++, and released under the GPL licence.
It is an HTTP load test application with scenario creation and monitoring, which can be
distributed on different computers. The version evaluated below is the v1.4.1 from July 2002.
More information can be found on the web site home page: https://opensta.org/

OpenSTA provides a script language which permits to simulate the activity of a user
(sequence of accessed files, form filling, delay between each user interaction (think time), …).
This language can describe HTTP/S scenario, with OpenSTA you can only build load tests for
web applications.

You can write scripts with an editor provided with the application or you can use a module
which records the request and response of a browser and generate a script automatically. To
simulate a great number of users, this script is executed by each virtual user at the same time.

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Reference: https://clif.objectweb.org/load_tools_overview.pdf

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