Components of a Test Startegy ?

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          This is a Company level document & developed by Quality Analyst or Project Manager Category people, it defines “Testing Approach”.


a)     Scope & Objective: Definition & purpose of testing in organization
b)     Business Issue: Budget control for testing
c)     Test Approach: Mapping between development stages & Testing Issue.
d)     Test Deliverables: Required testing documents to be prepared
e)     Roles & Responsibilities: Names of the job in testing team & their responsibilities
f)     Communication & Status reporting: Required negotiation between testing team & developing team during test execution
g)     Automation & Testing Tools: Purpose of automation & possibilities to go to test automation
h)     Testing Measurements & Metrics: QAM, TTM, PCM
i)     Risks & Mitigation: Possible problems will come in testing & solutions to overcome
j)     Change & Configuration Management: To handle change request during testing
k)     Training Plan: Required training sessions to testing team before start testing process

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