A Lifecycle Approach to Systems Quality?

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... Because you can’t test in quality at the end.

Let’s face it—for many years in many companies, a de facto wall has existed between development and testing organizations. Requirements analysis, design and development have happened first, with testing done in a silo—at the end of the development process. This approach has never been ideal, but it has usually worked for getting passable products to the marketplace.

When products get smarter, not only do the opportunities for quality problems multiply, but customer expectations in all respects—including quality, timely delivery and cost—tend to increase. As you go from specifications through analysis, architecture, design and implementation, the cost of finding and fixing a problem grows. Finding an issue in the field can be especially costly to the bottom line and the brand.

This white paper examines the changing role of quality assurance and looks at approaches to effectively extend application lifecycle management (ALM) to include quality management and how this improves project outcomes.

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