Load Testing with LoadComplete

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Before you launch any new Web application, test it the way your users will experience your website with LoadComplete on-premise load testing software. After all, the last thing anyone wants is for an application or server to bog down or worse, crash, when it is needed most – as users are waiting. With LoadComplete you can quickly determine:
·         What is the maximum number of users my website can handle?
·         Will my application fail or create too many errors with x visitors?
·         Will I meet my specific quality of service goals?
LoadComplete is a load, performance, stress and scalability testing tool that lets you see how your web application handles the load of hundreds and thousands of concurrent users. It replays realistic application usage scenarios and lets you monitor the application performance and key infrastructure metrics in real time. This lets you easily identify performance problems as they happen and determine what they are caused by.

And best of all, we’ve designed LoadComplete to be affordable to companies of all sizes, with flexible licensing options. LoadComplete provides flexible self-service set up and execution of load test scenarios to:

·         Replicate realistic user experiences in pre-production environment to identify performance issues before they can negatively impact visitors.
·         Analyze load tests to find and repair problems with software, hardware, or 3rd party resources when you test your entire Web application in product prior to launch.
·         Improve operational quality, both inside and outside your network, by pinpointing and resolving bandwidth and configuration issues that slow pages down to a crawl.
·         Ensure that quality of service metrics are being met during scalability testing.
·         Easily monitor server performance during stress tests and load tests.
·         Test as often as you like to align load testing with your Agile sprints without having to pay extra for access to cloud resources.
·         Create multiple real-life load test scenarios to match your testing to how visitors use your Website.

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