Software Testing Magazine - July 2011 Issue - Free Download

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In This Issue

This issue has lots of lovely pages jam packed written entirely by the software testing community. Content includes:

1. Combating “Tester Apathy” by Michael Larsen
2. Building a community, STC style – by Rosie Sherry
3. Alternative Paths for Self Education in Software Testing – by Markus Gärtner
4. Controversies in Software Testing by Matt Heusser
5. Show Stoppers – The community answers your questions.
6. Education for Testers – Survey Infographic
7. A Little Track History that goes a Long Way – by Jesper L Ottosen
8. How to successfully measure the tester’s performance – by Andy Glover
9. The art of bug reporting – by Andy Glover
10. I am a Tester and also a Gardener – by Luisa Baldaia
11. Pen Testing – by Ovidiu Lutea
12. Priority vs Severity… by David Greenlees
13. A Look Inside EuroSTAR 2011
14. A brief history in testing times…recent news and community highlights
15. Book Excerpt: The Problems with Testing by Rob Lambert

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