Testing Oracle Forms with Openscript?

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A Guide to using Oracle OpenScript to record a functional test with Oracle EBS/Forms

With the release of Oracle Application Test Suite (OATS) 9.00, comes a new scripting tool called OpenScript. It is based upon the popular Eclipse IDE, and allows users/testers to record testing scripts (both load testing and functional testing) for a number of popular technologies, including:

Oracle EBS/Forms
In this article we will concentrate on using OpenScript to record functional test with Oracle EBS/Forms.

(NOTE: For testing Siebel applications or Java applications in general see the blog written by Alex Amat).

The Forms Environment.

Before we can proceed with the testing the forms application, the first stage of this process involves making sure that the application can run from a normal web browser, and that the JInitiator environment is configured properly. First, you should install JInitiator.

We used the 10g ( Demos environment for this white paper.

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