Tips for Easy Unit Testing - Webinar?

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Typemock is organising a webinar on July 26, 2011(Tuesday) from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT on the topic “Tips for Easy Unit Testing ” .

Struggle with legacy code? Code quality? Heard about unit testing but not sure how it can help you develop or help your development team?

This webinar will enable the viewers to learn come of the common problems with Unit testing and how to solve them .

As per the event’s site , it is also mentioned that a giveaway of a free license for Isolator for .NET and two free “Legalize Unit Testing” t-shirts is planned .

TypeMock is a Unit Testing Company that has quite a few interesting Products like

Isolator .NET  – A breakthrough Isolation framework for .Net
Isolator++ For Windows – A breakthrough Isolation framework for C++
Isolator++ For Linux – A breakthrough Isolation framework for C++
Test Lint  – Automatic guide for writing unit tests
TeamMate -  Measure your unit testing adoption rate

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