Checklist for Windows Compliance Testing?

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A very helpful checklist for testers by Ray Claridge Product Manager at IPC Media

For Each Application

1. Start the application by double clicking on its icon. The loading message should show the application name, version number, and a bigger pictorial representation of the icon.

2. The main window of the application should have the same caption as the caption of the icon in Program Manager.

3. Closing the application should result in an "Are you Sure" message box.

4. Attempt to start application twice. This should not be allowed - you should be returned to main Window.

5. Try to start the application twice as it is loading.

6. On each window, if the application is busy, then the hour glass should be displayed. If there is no hour glass (e.g. alpha access enquiries) then some enquiry in progress message should be displayed.

7. The window caption for every application should have the name of the application and the window name - especially the error messages. These should be checked for spelling, English and clarity, especially on the top of the screen. Check if the title of the window does make sense.

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