Global Software Test Automation - Book Review

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Global Software Test Automation is the first book to offer software testing strategies and tactics for executives. Written by executives and endorsed by executives, it is also the first to offer a practical business case for effective test automation, as part of the innovative new approach to software testing: Global Test Automation — a proven solution, backed by case studies, that leverages both test automation and offshoring to meet your organization's quality goals.

Why you should read this book

As an executive, it is your job to set the strategic direction for your company to succeed in the marketplace. You need to set strategies for marketing, sales, R&D, finance, IT, human resources, and support services. In a software company, test strategies are as essential to business success as software development strategies.
This book was written to highlight the critical issues associated with software testing and quality assurance that impact the effectiveness of your company's executive staff and bottom line, and to share a strategy that can improve them. An effective test strategy can do this by improving the visibility of the quality of your company's products, so that you can make better management decisions, lower your testing costs, and accelerate your time to market.

This book addresses five core questions surrounding testing:

  • Why should you care about and spend money on testing?
  • Why must you treat testing as a strategic effort?
  • Why should testing have its own properly funded budget, separate from development?
  • Why must you have better visibility into quality and testing effectiveness?
  • Why is Global Test Automation your best-practice solution?

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