Smart Phone Testing – Are You "Smart" Enough?

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Mobile phone usage has exploded over the last few years as the device transitions from its traditional role as a communications medium to becoming a multi-purpose personal gadget. This expansion, driven by a flurry of technological advancements across a variety of device models, complicates the product development and rollout process for device manufacturers and application developers.

The more daunting task now becomes application quality testing across operating systems, device platforms, and networks to ensure wide acceptance and proper usage. Non-functional testing, including usability, security, and adaptability, is as important as functional testing. Effective testing enables device makers and application developers to collect appropriate metrics that help improve product quality.

In this web seminar, Cognizant explores industry best practices on mobile testing and demonstrates effective ways of managing mobile application quality. From this web seminar, you’ll take away:

  • A clear understanding of different aspects of mobile application testing and effective execution of appropriate testing approaches
  • An automation approach to accelerate any mobile testing cycle 
  • How to establish a mobile testing lab 
  • New techniques to emulate, simulate, and handle multiple browsers, operating systems, platforms, networks, and languages

Presenter: Pradeep Kumar, Head of Mobile Testing Practice, Cognizant

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