Best Practices in Performance Testing to Ensure Success?

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On September 28 at Noon EDT, Neotys invites you to a webinar: "Best Practices in Performance Testing to Ensure Success".
In this live webinar with leading retailer, The Bon-Ton Stores, you'll learn how to optimize the performance of your web applications while improving your responsiveness to the business with ease and without any special skills. Dan Gerard, Divisional Vp of Technical & Web Services and Will Esclusa, Manager Web Services & Technologies at The Bon-Ton Stores, will join me Rebecca Clinard, Technology Strategist at Neotys to discuss:
  • Meeting the challenge of establishing your own in-house performance testing
  • How you can better meet the urgent and changing needs of the business
  • Overcoming the challenges of load testing a complex Web 2.0 eCommerce site
  • Achieving the "10-minute Test Script"
  • The right way to handle the squeeze of tight timeframes
  • How to improve test productivity and efficiency for resource-constrained technology teams
The presentation will be followed by an audience Q&A.
Best practices Webinar - Wednesday September 28, Noon EDT (9am pDT)
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