Performance Testing Across the Lifecycle?

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Is performance the last thing you test? Most projects ignore performance testing until code is complete - when fixing bugs or rethinking architecture choices is most costly. In this webinar, Matt Heusser, leading author and consultant on Agile Testing, and Dan Bartow, SOASTA's Performance Engineering VP, will discuss the challenges and benefits of focusing on performance earlier, as part of a rapid development and deployment approach for today's websites and mobile applications. 

They'll explore how to:
  • Build comprehensive test plans that involve Development, Test and Operations
  • Create iterative performance tests and execute them across the development cycle
  • Integrate functional and performance testing in fast-paced environments
  • Integrate performance testing into continuous build frameworks
  • Report on "Performance Regression" and "Performance Coverage"
Matt will discuss how to best direct the planning process to cover performance in agile models, with tips and examples. Dan will illustrate how the always-agile SOASTA development team has run functional and performance tests using the CloudTest platform as part of a daily build process for years. You'll see how CloudTest Lite can be integrated with continuous build frameworks like Hudson and Jenkins. Join these seasoned experts for an educational session that will enable you include performance testing early and often, no matter how fast your teams move. 

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