Performance Testing on Advanced Web Sites - On Demand Webinar

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Web 2.0 has taken the IT world by storm—allowing organizations to move from simple, static methods of data delivery to being able to provide highly interactive, user-centric, online experiences. However, traditional performance testing solutions cannot keep pace with the growing complexity. HP TruClient technology, available in HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center, is a browser-based virtual user generator (VUGen) that makes testing Web 2.0 and Ajax applications faster, easier, and more comprehensive. 

Onlife Health will discuss how they've utilized HP TruClient technology to develop their online portal, how it has helped them reduce their application test cycles, as well as identify and eliminate potential problems throughout the application lifecycle. Onlife Health will describe how they've achieved faster scripting time—by at least 50%—and share real world best practices.

During this web seminar, you'll learn how to:
  • Test critical end-user facing Web 2.0 and Ajax applications accurately and efficiently, even using beginners or less technical scripters
  • Reduce hardware and software costs by predicting application scalability and capacity, and lower the cost of defects by testing earlier
  • Pinpoint end-user, system-level, and code-level bottlenecks rapidly and with ease
Register for this event and receive a complimentary copy of HP's white paper, "HP TrueClient Technology: Accelerating the Path to Testing Modern Applications." This white paper compliments the valuable information you will gain from participating in this web seminar.

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Ron Foster, Senior Systems Engineer, Onlife Health

With more than fourteen years of IT experience in various platforms and technologies, Ron has performance tested both large and small enterprise applications. He has more than six years experience with LoadRunner and scripting against multiple protocols, including .NET record/replay, Citrix, Web, AJAX C&S, and TruClient. Ron is currently a Senior Systems Engineer for Onlife Health in Nashville, Tenn.

Priya Kothari, Senior Product Manager, HP Software

Priya Kothari is the senior product manager for HP's Performance Validation solutions, including HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center. Priya has been with HP (and previously Mercury) for more than eleven years. She was a founding member of "ActiveTune," Mercury's managed testing service in 2000, that was the foundation for HP's current Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Priya has a long history with Performance Center, being one of the first people to use it since early inception days.

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