When Testers Abuse Authority: Q&A with Michael Bolton‏?

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When Michael Bolton talks, testers listen. In our latest Testing the Limits interview, we shoot some questions back and forth with the popular author, speaker and consultant. Here's a sneak-peek: 

"I urge testers: You want to manage a project? Become a project manager. I urge quality assurance people: You want to assure quality? Make sure you have real, final authority over the product and the people who produce it. That is, become a manager. You're not a gatekeeper of quality; you're a speed bump on the road to quality."

"I've met testers who believe that it's their prerogative to tell programmers what to do or how to do it. I recommend that such testers reflect on how they feel when they're told what to do by people who've never done testing work."

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