Agile Implementation Methodologies

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One of by favorite article on Agile development and implementation by John Morrison 

Abraham Lincoln said, “If you call a tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have? Four.Because calling it a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

In the same vein, calling a project team agile does not really make it agile. Lets admit it. The term "agile" is a buzzword that is cool to use. Sometimes (or should it be oftentimes) folks pick up some aspects of a methodology that suits them and then attempt to fit it into their existing process with even worser results than before. And then they wonder why the new methodology isn't working ! The same situation occurs with adoption of agile. In this entry we look at some of the agile principles/practices that are easy to selectively pick and choose.

a) An agile team is capable of releasing the software to customers at the end of each iteration (generally between 2-4 weeks duration). Yes, be able to ship it to the customers, all developed, integrated, tested, wrapped up and mailed. Customers are able to see a working software that has features being available in increments and understand the progress being made. Of course, customers can provide quick feedback to enable any course corrections as needed too. Decisions can be made on whether additional features are to be added, existing functionality to be changed, or even to stop further development without having to wait for the complete release time frame. 

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