What are the metrices to be collected in the context of testing?

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A metric is a measure. While it is easy to have things that are easy to tell, and to separate the bill for other things you own, is more difficult to pick what the count and average. What are they trying to measure, and what model and evidence lead us to believe that the count of measuring the attribute they require to be trying to measure?
Without a clear thinking about the validity, the figures are a dangerous distraction that a useful device. In lieu of blindly using well-known metrics, to pick what objective you are trying to accomplish and find the best measure to accomplish that objective.
Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.
Questions to ask before you start using the metrics are:
* Who will use these indicators?
* What behavior is trying to promote with these indicators?
* What information is important to know the whole project?
* What needs greater visibility or transparency?

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