How to solve this problem - When the developers fault testers to document bugs is not reproducible on your machine?

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Avoid these differences taking screen shots & attach them in bug tracking device.
it seems that since the environment was not the cause then the "Steps to reproduce" part of the document lacked clarity errors. Images on the road are a nice way to prove a point, when it comes to something that is reproducible. Of work, as surely check engineer to understand the functionality & to the extent that they understand the program architecture. Therefore, you can surly say that some errors are interrelated & not others. Thus, they introduce a column / field in our reporting format bug (which never is \.\. a device or Excel) for the related bug ID.In fact; this will be useful for the development of the community also correct mistakes. In fact, and development environment should be the same check environment so that this issue won't arise. Make sure before getting a build environment is the same. Soon before trying to proceed with launch internal memo. While reporting of defects appropriate indication of check information, etc. for action the next time they play.

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