Testers do not perform well in development projects (or testers are poor in the coding)

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Tester or not, experience in developing quality code depends on your own programming skills and continuous or lifelong learning in the area.
Some people, though in testing projects, take time out of their work to improve their programming skills, contributing to the consolidation of efforts or to take on projects on a voluntary basis.Two way to reduce the communication gap between tester and developer community is to include check equipment, from meeting requirements / design stage so that everyone involved in the life cycle of developing a application product may take part in the debate and offer valuable suggestions.Therefore, being a tester is not in any way preclude you from being an expert programmer or vice versa!Over the act of proof, the act of designing tests is two of the best bug preventives known. Thought needs to be completed to generate a useful check can discover and eliminate errors before they are encoded - in fact, the thought of tests can detect and eliminate design errors at all stages in the creation of application, from the conception to specification, to design, coding and the rest. Beiz-Boris, Application Testing Techniques, "Creating a Culture of Application Engineering" by Karl Eugene Wiegers "

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